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Gallery: Alternative Processes

Alternative Photographic Processes are mostly old historical methods which are not used anymore. These processes require the mixing and application by hand of the photo emulsion and therefor offer great opportunity for painterly effects etc. this first image for instance is 8feet wide and 9 feet high printed on canvas. Cyanotype and redeveloped cyanotype. The theme is urban sprawl. Much of the work in this gallery revolves around such themes, and use different processes such as Van Dyke, Gum Dichromate, Platinum, Kalitype in various combinations.       {loadposition content-area}


Gallery: Manipulated Photos

These photos have been altered, mostly using software to change the color. The images are of petroglyphs from the U.S. southwest and Sweden and they haven't been altered other than the color. The glyphs are up to 4,000 years old and quite mysterious, especially this two headed birdman from Sweden. Often these sites are being swept aside by development.                             {loadposition content-area}


Gallery: Archives

This gallery contains a variety of older work. It includes a sequence of photos of a Saguaro cactus shot over a two year time period as the desert around it is replaced by a golf resort. There is also a sequence from one of my artist books titled Tourist Mudras. The photos are of tourists posing for snapshots in front of various landmarks, which I have removed...       {loadposition content-area}


Gallery: Work In Progress

This gallery is under construction       {loadposition content-area}